OSK188 Call Centre
Why OSK188?

6 Global Exchanges

OSK188 widens your investment choices with online access to 6 major stock exchanges that include the world's reputed largest stock exchange by market capitalization, NYSE on the Wall Street, NASDAQ, AMEX, HKEX, SGX and Bursa Malaysia.

Using just one account, OSK188 clients are able to invest in and trade stocks online across all 6 stock markets.

The user-friendly features enable the user to easily view prices and trade online.

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Charting Tools

OSK188 has 27 technical indicators that were custom built to meet specific needs:

Moving Average (3) Moving Average (7)
Moving Average (12) Moving Average (26)
Moving Average (60) Bollinger Bands
Envelope MACD
Relative Strength Index Fast Stochastic
Slow Stochastic On Balance Volume
Volume Oscillator Volume Oscillator %
Chaikin Oscillator Accumulation / Distribution
Price Oscillator Price Oscillator %
Momentum Median Price
Commodity Channel Index Williams %R
Performance Price Rate-Of-Change
Price Rate-Of-Change % Price & Volume Trend
Money Flow Index  

The use of these technical indicators is to serve 3 broad functions: to alert, confirm and predict.

In addition to the technical indicators, OSK188 also provides access to detailed company information and financial reports to help online traders corroborate technical interpretation with fundamental analysis.


Mobile Solutions

Free and easy-to-use. Use OSK188 Mobile to buy and sell stocks, track and monitor your trades where and when you want.

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Research Reports

With the massive amount of information available, it can be a daunting task for online traders to spend time sieving through and picking the relevant ones.

OSK188 Research Reports help online traders in this respect by providing daily market reports that are carefully prepared by reputable research analysts, some of whom have won accolades for their work.

By having the market report easily available on OSK188 Research protal, online investors can access important and reliable market news and insights to make informed and sound trading decisions.

The daily research reports are available to all OSK188 clients. Glean insights that will help you make decisions.

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Real-time Prices

Real-time prices are essential for online traders to make precise trading decisions.

OSK188 account holders are able to view real-time stock prices throughout trading hours before placing their orders.

For traders on the move, OSK188 has the perfect solution – stock alerts. By easily setting up a price alert , the trader will be notified once the target price is achieved, via SMS or email. With OSK188, you stay in control of your portfolio of investments when you want to, how you want to.


24-Hour Support

To ensure that each OSK188 account holder enjoys hassle-free trading, our Call Centre provides uninterrupted round the clock support for all 6 Global Exchanges.

The Call Centre offers support as and when trading is taking place, locally and globally. Its operating hours begin from 8am on Mondays and continue uninterrupted up to 5am on Saturdays.

Calls to 1-300-888-675 or (603) 2071 9000 are attended to promptly.

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