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  Benefits of OSK188.com

Here at OSK188, your stock investing activities are bolstered by an array of accurate research, powerful analysis tools, and a fast and reliable online trading system.

In-Depth and Latest Research

Our research content helps you to grasp the fluid movement of the Bursa Malaysia. You can plan your investing strategy through the wealth of knowledge that we provide.

Log in every morning and you can access fresh research from a wide variety of independent and reliable sources. Experienced researchers such as those from OSK Research Sdn Bhd provide this daily dose of latest findings and expert analysis on Bursa Malaysia stocks.



How to Get Started

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Analysis Tools - 188 Stock Manager

188 Stock Manager is user-friendly and provides real-time stock prices, live portfolio and technical charting.

This tool helps you to gain the true picture of any stock’s performance in the past, and in comparison with the market and other stocks as well. Your final investing decisions will be more informed and measured with the aid of the 188 Stock Manager.

View the188 Stock Manager Preview for more details.


Trade Smart !  Be an Online Trader !

To help you make even more accurate investing decisions, the Trading feature at OSK188 delivers a speedier stream of real-time prices pumped out from a powerful group of servers. It is designed for easy and fast trade execution. Online Traders can use the full suite of the 188 Stock Manager and also trade online, i.e. they can buy and sell Bursa Malaysia stocks over the Internet.

The Trading features also enable you to monitor your portfolio. You can :

  • Access details of your accounts’ history, balances and unrealised gains & losses
  • View the status of your order, create price alert and establish stock trackers for the stocks you want to watch
  • Receive a consolidated overview of your accounts with our integrated account summary

View theTrading Preview for more details.

  Ready to access timely information and invest online?

If you are interested in using OSK188 to improve your stock investing activities, take advantage of the special promotion from OSK188 and find out how to get started