188 OMS

To trade effectively and profitably in today’s markets, the investor needs to be well equipped - and that’s what 188OMS aims to do - provide financial information, ideas, research, market data, and financial tools at just a click away.

Look forward to vital features:

Real-time Equities / Derivatives
Intraday & EOD Technical Charting
Real-time News
Alerts and Monitoring
Real-time streaming quotes for live Bursa Stock Price information. 188Chart comprises both the intraday and end-of-day data. We provide up to 10 years of historical data. Bursa News - From Bursa Malaysia A company’s fundamental data from an independent research house helps you to know more about the financial background of a company (or stock). The Stock Alerts alert you of a stock movement via SMS or email.  You may set the alerts by "Above Price", "Below Price" or "> Volume".
Intraday time and sales and trade-summary matrix to track every trade. There are more than 27 indicators in 188Chart including commonly used indicators such as Moving Average, Bollinger band, RSI, Fast/Slow Stochastic & more. Research News - From RHBIB Research House It covers the most basic info ie company’s business background and even financial data such as balance sheets, profit & loss, shareholding info & etc. The Portfolio feature is uniquely designed as a market-to-market portfolio system for you to track your investments and calculate your net worth in real-time basis.
Intraday queue data to track first-level buy or sell queue changes. The multiple tab feature allows you to plot stock movement, indices or KLCI/CPO futures in different tabs; and switching from one tab to another is just a click away. 188Newswire - From independent research house    
Bursa, research & 188Newswire news to keep you updated. The performance chart allows you to track/compare a stock’s performance against the sector indices or stock within the same sector.      
Online Trading - Straight Through Processing (STP) The real-time bid/offers allow you to view the current buy/sell queues.      


Item Minimum Requirements
Windows version 2000 or XP XP and above
Java Java 1.6.0 & above Java 1.6.0 & above
Screen Area 1024 x 768 1024 x 768 & above
Pentium Processor 733 MHZ 1.4 GHZ
AMD Processor 800 MHZ Athlon XP 1500+
Centrino Processor Any 1500
Celeron Processor 1 GHZ 1.7 GHZ
Bus Speed 133 MHZ 266 MHZ
Memory 512 MB 1 GB and above
Internet Connection Dial-up connected at 56K or higher Broadband with dial-up backup
Download 188OMS
Installation Guide
1. Save the file into your desktop.
2. 188OMS help and .exe file will appear at your desktop. Click on the .exe file to start the installation.
Once completed, the 188Chart icon will appear at your desktop. Click on the icon to start the application.
188OMS is running on Java 1.6 & above, click HERE to download the latest Java.
Concurrent login to OSK188 & 188OMS is not allowed at the moment.
3. Proxy Setting
(This setting is applicable to the user whose connection is through proxy server.)
You may configure the Proxy Server via 188OMS-Login Page
a.  From the Login page, click Proxy Settings.
b.  Enter your proxy server name or IP into HTTP Host field.
c.  Enter your proxy server port number into HTTP Port field.
d.  Click Apply to save and apply the settings.
e.  Remember to tick on Proxy Setting in Login page.
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